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No Pubg? No Problem!

PUBG is an online multiplayer Third-Person Shooter/First Person Shooter game launched on Mobile, PC and game consoles. It had hit the markets in 2017 by releasing it on PC and in 2018 on Mobile and Xbox. Since it was one of the very first AAA multiplayer title, it had an early mover advantage. As a result it grasped a huge share of the market and became one of the best-selling video games of all time. However, the game’s good days have come to a halt, if not an end. Recently it was banned by the Government of India owing to its Chinese origins and the growing Indo-Chinese tensions. It was a big hit to its company Tencent since PUBG had its most active user base (around 50 million total players and 35 Million active players) in India.

But don’t worry Zapingo will tell you the best alternatives to PUBG!

PUBG has been the primary go-to relaxation for many teenagers and young adults. Post the ban, it has become important for gamers to find a suitable replacement to it. Keeping that in mind, we wrote this article through which we aim to tell our readers about the best battle royal mobile games that they can play to fill-in the gap.

What are the Best games like PUBG?

We have described the best alternatives to PUBG that are available in India. We have purposely left out games such as Fortnite, Black Survival, etc. since they are not available on the Play Store or App Store in India.

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#1 Garena Free Fire

Coming in at number one, we have Garena Free Fire (also known as free fire Battlegrounds or simply Free Fire). With more than 500 million global downloads, it is the leading battle royale game having an active user base of 80 million players. In the year 2019 it was the most downloaded game globally.

Zapingo - Best alternatives to PUBGThe game runs on Unity Engine. Similar to PUBG, the game begins with the players parachuting to an island and then searching for weapons and equipment to protect themselves and kill the other players. Players can choose their starting positions, acquire weapons and consume supplies. The game has 10 minute rounds where the player has to battle 49 other players. The winner of the battle royale is the last man standing.

The game has opted the traditional battle-royale strategy of kill ‘em all. It is a good replacement since there isn’t much difference between PUBG and Garena. The graphics of the game aren’t as defined as the other battle royale games but the gameplay experience is smooth and refreshing. To address the issue of unsatisfactory graphics, Garena is working on a newer version of the game known as Free Fire Max. There aren’t many features of the game that stand out and the gameplay is pretty standard and similar. This may seem like a point we consider while talking about the cons but it is actually the other way around. Since it follows the traditional battle royal style, players will have to spend no time in adapting to the game. For PUBG players this will be an easy transition.

Zapingo - Best PUBG like games#2 Call of Duty

The Super-hit Action Shooter Call of Duty by Activision came to mobile phones in late October 2019. It was developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision and Garena (quite interestingly). Garena also published Free Fire as we discussed above. Another interesting fact about the game is that TiMi studios, the developer of the game, is owned by Tencent; the company which made PUBG. As of now, the game has more than 100 million downloads.

Best games like PUBGThe game features many playable modes: Battle Royale, Deathmatch, Kill ‘em all, etc. Some of the game modes it offers are unique and not found in any of the battle royale games. One such mode offers users the ability to create 6 player rooms where they compete with their own friends in a very short map and kill each other and respawn over and over again. It ends when any one of the players reaches 20 kills. Other game modes include a 6 v/s 6 team match. These short span modes add to the excitement and dynamics of the game. Keeping in line with advance in-game weapons, COD Mobile offers many such futuristic weapons such as drones, helicopter strikes, electric guns etc. This is another unique feature in COD since all other games have very similar weapons and offence methods.

Call of Duty comes across as another very suitable replacement to PUBG. It is more suitable for players looking for a slight change since it has similar interface and control relatively yet different gameplay so as to ensure that players find themselves in for something new.

Best PUBG like mobile games#3 Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Published by HK Hero Entertainment, Hopeless Land is a comparatively weak but effective Shooter Game. It is not a strong replacement option but it does fare well. It has more than 50 million downloads which means that the game after all does provide a good gameplay experience.

Best alternatives to PUBGThe battle royals feature up to 121 players which is an exact 21% more players than all other games of such nature. It also features aerial combat and enables players to fly helicopters which is an interesting unique feature. Unlike PUBG, CoD, and others, Hopeless Land has a more visually appealing HUD. It is less crowded and since during most of the gameplay it is what users are exposed to, it is an important point to consider when talking about gameplay experience.

In terms of graphics, the game falls drastically short compared to its competitors. The controls are more or less similar to the other games on the list.

The biggest plus side of the game is its requirements. It functions smoothly across all devices even those that are very low-end. This is the biggest advantage it offers since all other games have reportedly lagged on many such devices and had to launch lag fixes month after month. Hopeless Land is a cheap but effective replacement in many ways since it is fun to play but not as immersive as other games.

Best PUBG like games#4 Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

The most interesting game on this list. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is exactly as it sounds (it has pixelated graphics). In a way, it strikes the middle ground between realistic and cartoony graphics. The graphics are the only reason why the game is rated 12+. All other battle royale games have been rated 16+ owing to the violence portrayed in them. However, the graphics of Pixel’s make it comparatively friendlier for children in the 12 and above age group. It is the newest game on this list as it was released just last year in the month of December. Even in the short stint of 9 months, It has gained more than 50 million downloads. This game stands out in more ways than one. The graphics are completely different from all the games on the list as we mentioned above. It is a refreshing change in style. Honestly, all battle royal games are seen as being different versions of the same infrastructure but Pixel’s is different.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground has a completely different Heads-Up Display (HUD) and gameplay. The map and the environment are very visually appealing. The game comes with a variety of different weapons. This game has combined the features of all battle royale games and created a sub-genre of its own as a result.

Though the game is different and interesting to play, some players might not enjoy it since it does not offer any substantial realism or any realistic element whatsoever. Fortnite players might enjoy it to a great level since it has very similar graphical elements but players who have grown overly accustomed to the realism of PUBG and/or similar games might not like it as much. Even though this game may follow PUBG’s approach towards graphics or gameplay, it does belong to the category of best games like PUBG. It is definitely worth a try.

Final Take – the best games like PUBG

The ban on PUBG has affected many young adults and teenagers. For many playing PUBG with their friends was the only leisurely and social activity they partook. This article aimed to describe the best alternatives to the game. We do not mean to promote the obsession surrounding PUBG or any video game. Anything is healthy when consumed in the right amount. We have enlisted the games so that in tough times as such, people do not lose the activity they so fondly enjoyed.

How to decide which game out of the above is the best one for you?

If you like PUBG’s graphics and gameplay style, then it would be better for you to stick to Garena Free Fire or Call of Duty. These games have much in common with it. You can go for Hopeless Land in case you want to try something simple and more device-friendly. If you want a refreshing new gameplay experience then Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground (which can also be referred to as PUBG) would be an excellent choice for you. Our personal recommendation would be for you to go with either Call of Duty or Pixel’s.

Keep playing and Keep slaying!

Team Zapingo

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