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List of best Christmas gift ideas 2020 for everyone in your family

Hey, Secret Santa! What do you plan on giving away this Christmas?
The spirit of Christmas lies in giving and sharing. After all, what is Christmas without Santa or the gifts by the Christmas Tree? We treasure this time of the year with gifts exchanged at this time, an important part of this entire multi-faceted festival. As much as we love giving gifts to our friends, family, and loved ones, sometimes finding the perfect Christmas gift is a Herculean task. And no one wants to be ‘that relative’ who gives disproportioned presents. But fret not, for we have your back. Presenting the best Christmas gift ideas 2020.

Christmas Cards

Uh, wait this isn’t on the list of the Christmas gift ideas 2020. Yeah, but these readymade cards would go along quite well without present. After all, a highlight of the holiday tradition has been sending and receiving Christmas cards from family and friends. A passe, as it might seem, a card with a heartfelt message does wonders and makes memories for the people gifted. Here are some designs to accompany your present and your message.

Christmas gift png

An icing on the cake is that all of these cards are personalizable (As IGP puts it). This implies that you can have the names of the people you’ll be sending this card to! Cuz, why not ‘deer’?

Find the above cards on IGP here-

First card – Merry Christmas and New Year

Second Card – Floral Merry Christmas Card

Third Card – Merry Christmas Card

Best Christmas Gift ideas 2020

Gifts are the essence of Christmas. But they do share this with one other thing. Do you know what that is? Why, Decorations of course! Have you planned your decorations? If not, don’t worry. We have the best décor items for all you last minute planners. Go check it out here: Best Christmas Décor items.

Best Christmas Gifts for kids-

Children are the ones who look up to this festival year long. Therefore, Secret Santa needs to make sure their presents are equally joyous and wonderful. Here are a few which will be worth remembering and useful:

Personalized Merry Christmas Telescope in Sheesham Wooden Box

Best Christmas gift ideas 2020

Well, for the adventure loving this is the perfect gift. Gift a personalized merry telescope to the children. It comes in a wooden box which can display the name of the person you are gifting it to.

Personalized Smart Touch Mood Lamp Speaker

Best Christmas gift ideas 2020

Gifting a present? How about two in one?

Gift this wonderful two-in-one lamp speaker and watch the excitement flash on the children’s eyes. Nowadays, children are born tech-savvy. And this gift embraces that aspect of their nature perfectly. This device features a Smart Touch and mood Lamp lightning. The speaker works on both Bluetooth and AUX. What’s best? You can add a pictures of your loved ones along the sides of the speaker-lamp.

AR Globe

Best Christmas Gift ideas 2020

The perfect educational toy for ever-inquisitive kids! Kids never stop asking questions, and the Orboot Globe never stops answering them. It helps keep kids playfully engaged all the while promoting global geographic knowledge and reasoning. The box is a bundle of joy and comes with a 10” globe, stamps, passport, and country flag stickers to keep kids engaged from the very beginning.

Kids are finding their educational solace in smartphones. It is only about time that we start utilizing the newer technological advancements in the market to good avail. Reasonably, Orboot has adopted the Augmented Reality (AR) technology which enables kids to examine the physical globe using mobile phone to unprecedented detail. It teaches kids History, Geography, Environmental science and more. It is important to note that the physical globe itself does not have any labels on the surface denoting the country or the border.

The device is paired with a smartphone app (Orboot Globe +) available across both iOS and Android platforms. Using the app and the device, kids can explore the entire world across 6 categories (culture, monument, animal, invention, map & weather) and learn thousands of snippets of information!

Star projector

Best christmas gift ideas 2020

Perfect for a Starry Sky or a Dreamy setting. This Night Light features A-Timer setting (5-95 minutes), rotation control allowing for great flexibility in positioning. Moreover, there are various projection modes and light shades. It can easily be powered by AAA batteries or a 5V USB cord (5ft USB cable included). It promotes sleep and turns off automatically in accordance with the set timer. Talk about setting the mood for sleepy time!

The Night Light is portable and runs on LEDs allowing less power consumption. The projector turns any dark room into a complete star lit night sky. It also gives kids the options to add color to the light as they see best. The lamp has 15 light effects from different hues and combinations to different projections and animations. This is ideal for people of all ages.

Christmas gifts for women


Why not try your hand at one of these beauties?!

Christmas gifts for women

These exotic watches make for a wonderful Christmas present. These are rare premium designs you won’t find anywhere else. Present something special to the special ones in your life.

Find these watches here:

Flora Garden Wrist Watch & Bracelet

Tulip Garden Wrist Watch

Monochrome Stripes Wrist Watch

Earthy Spell Eau De Parfum 15ml

Christmas gifts for women

Love the spell they cast? Now you will also adore the smell!

This fragrant bottle comes in a beautiful looking package.

Earthly Spell Eau De Parfum


This Prussian blue stone bracelet and traditional bracelet makes for an all event wearable. It blends in perfectly with the mood of the environment regardless of where you are.

Best Christmas gifts for Women

Christmas gifts for men

Beer Mug

This personalized beer mug will no wonder entice your male companions. Once they read their name on the front side of the glass mug, they will be all the more shocked!

Best Christmas gifts for men

Necktie set

This elegant set of red or grey necktie is the finishing touch to a man’s macho persona. It comes in a personalized box including a Tie, a Lapel Pin and a Pocket Square. Watch as the man you gift it to lightens up with joy as he sees his name on the beautiful box.

Best Christmas gifts for men

Red Necktie

Grey Necktie

Final take- Best Christmas Gift ideas for 2020

There you have it! O Secret Santa use this list of the best Christmas gift ideas 2020 and bring joy to your loved ones.

Now that we have sorted everything out for you- let’s bring ‘Joy to the world’ on the ‘O holy night’. This holiday season- BE MERRY! no not the Christmas greeting but actually being merry, seeing the beauty and goodness of life, despite all the bad stuff. This year has been tough on everyone. But that does not mean that it is something that will last forever. The next Christmas, you’d be discussing how 2020 is a thing of the past. Change is inevitable. And when we speak about adapting to changes we are speaking about events that disrupt our lives such as this pandemic. Why shy away now? Enjoy this Christmas season to the fullest and let go of all your worries. For a New Year dawns before us.


– Love Zapingo.

Team Zapingo

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