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Best Decoration items for Christmas – 2020 edition

You’ve heard of ‘Elf on the Shelf’, but this holiday season, get ready for ‘Gnome on Chrome’. Christmas is finally here! So is a reason to be merry again. As the world awaits the end of this tough year and the start of a new COVID-free (hopefully) one, let us spend our time peacefully planning this Christmas. 2020 has been full of hardships, now’s the time to sit back and relax in a Christmas household. While the pandemic may have made ‘Santa’s Workshop’ virtual, this cannot be the reason for dampening our holiday spirits. Indifferent of whether you are having friends and family over or spending time with your loved ones on Zoom calls, the Yule demands more than just decking your halls with boughs of holly. And that’s the reason why we present the list of best decoration items for Christmas.

With respect to the spirit of Christmas, we have here the perfect compilation for all the glitters you will need to put up. So go grab a jug of eggnog and hot cocoa and leave your Christmas decor worries to us.

Best decoration items for Christmas

An overview of all the items we have mentioned in the list below:

  • Christmas Tree
  • Tree lights
  • Short Christmas Tree
  • Tree Topper
  • Christmas Vinyl
  • Wreaths
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Hanging Santa
  • Personalized crystal bottle

The Christmas Tree

The most important part of Christmas and for many (if not the most), it is the piece de resistance. We don’t mean to bring you down, but it’s only with years of experience that you’ll be able to find the perfect tree for your house. But what matters next is what you put on it. Are you worried? Don’t be!

With this Archies complete decorative set of 52 pieces, there won’t be an ornament missing from your tree, and yeah the tree is inclusive! So there goes the worry of finding the right one and having to carry it into your house.

Christmas Decoration png

Get this beautiful easy-to-assemble Christmas tree.

Now of course there are those of us who don’t like to get too invested in the tree’s tangled branches. Keeping that in mind let us present-

Customizable Remote Controlled Christmas Lights

Ta-Da! (insert drumroll music here)

Decoration items for ChristmasWith these Smart LED Christmas tree lights, illuminate your home with the color of joy and happiness. Change light effects with a remote control to suit the mood and wow your guests this year. The icing on the cake for your Christmas tree and your ornaments. These LED string lights are synced with the remote control (provided with the package) that lets you brighten, dim or change color of the bulbs and works around any shaped object (not just a Christmas tree). Use a wide variety of pre-loaded effects for any festive event be it Christmas, Diwali or New Year.

Psst, are you a minimalist? We have just the stuff for you-

Short Christmas Tree

For the minimalist minds

Christmas decoration png

Well, it is autumn after all, don’t be too surprised if you find one of these around during Christmas. This Christmas season bring out the minimalist in you, (We are kidding, no pressure dude) and get yourself a minimalist short Christmas tree. With fairy lights-like illumination, set apart your home décor from others by setting up this lighted birch tree.


Tree Topper

To top off your tediously decorated tree.

Christmas Tree Topper

A beautiful pack of 2 crosses illustrating the life of Jesus Christ. This tree topper is super visually appealing and will garner attention to the top of your Christmas tree like no other. Ornaments are necessary but so is the tree topper. Make your Christmas tree an object of envy with this hand-made, glitter-encrusted cross above its branches.

Santa Sleigh vinyl

And of course, a vinyl sticker for Santa’s ride into your house! Simply grab one of these vinyl stickers and place ‘em in your living hall and watch as your visitors are amazed by its simplistic beauty. By the way do you remember the names of all 8 of Santa’s reindeers? Read till the end to find out!

Decoration items for Christmas

Wreath or the Boughs of Holly

If it weren’t for them we won’t be having the legendary carol, so deck your hallways with these and go falalala in the Christmas spirit. Wreath is the heart of Christmas and of dinner conversations. Trust us when we say you would love this pretty little thing at the center of your table or on your front door! A good meal with good people and a beautifully decorated table center. Light up the table with a wreath bright with candles and real pinecones. Hang these around your home and bring about the Christmas-y vibe. Wreaths are without doubt a crucial element of the Christmas spirit. How could we miss these out while speaking about the best decoration items for Christmas?!

Wreath - Simple Christmas Decoration ideas

First Wreath available here.

Middle Wreath available at Amazon.

Find the Third Wreath here.

Christmas stockings

For where else will the Secret Santa put your presents, if not in the stockings that you left hanging by the fireplace? Your Vinyl fireplace will look jolly on Christmas Eve with this 4 pack of Burgundy, Green, Ivory, and Grey Knit Christmas Stockings.

Christmas Decorations ideas - stockings

The Hanging Santa

How else did you think he would get in? Give a taste of what’s to come as Santa hangs outside the doorway. What’s more welcoming than Santa himself at the front porch? Grab this cute Hanging Santa and let people know they’re welcome.

Decoration items for Christmas

Personalized Crystal bottle

Leave the kids in awe and wonder with this beautifully illuminant bottle. Personalize it to read your favorite names and place one on your living room table and see your guests go aww in awe of this little wonder.

Decoration items for Christmas

There we have you, jolly from the interior to the outdoors; the best decoration items for Christmas. With all these prized pieces furnishing your house, you will undoubtedly be the talking point of the neighborhood. Whether you’re busy with work or preparing for Christmas, these decors will have you covered for Christmas for everything except for Christmas gifts. Why of course! Without gifts, Christmas eve holds no meaning now does it? If you are looking for the best selection of Christmas gifts, look no further. We have that sorted out for you too. Read the best Christmas gift ideas 2020

As we promised, Santa’s 8 reindeers – Dancer, Prancer, Dasher, Vixen, Blitzen, Cupid, Comet and Donder.

Team Zapingo

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