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Discover the List of Freebies and Amazing Deals During Lockdown

Since the entire country is under Coronavirus lockdown but you can utilize this opportunity to learn some imperative skills which will help in promoting your career growth.There are a number of online stores that can help you to keep shopping during lockdown that too at the comfort of your home. In order to avert the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, many businesses have taken new measures.

Due to all this reason, in the affected country there has been a great increase in remote working tools such as Dropbox, Zoho remotely, Cloudflare and many more. In order to deal during the lockdown, many tech providers are helping the teams to work together so that their work cannot be affected.

In this blog, you will come across some great technologies that are helping people of all segments right from professionals, students, online shoppers, parents, small businesses and even start-ups.Below-stated is a list of the best offers and deals that you can use for free during the coronavirus lockdown.

1. Cloudflare:exlinkfinal

It is considered as a web security and web performance stage for different applications like cloud, on-premises, hybrid and SaaS.It was noticed by Cloudflare that almost 10% of traffic was increased in the regions that were impacted by coronavirus because most of the people were working from home. The company is providing Cloudflare for teams to the small businesses worldwide that too without charging any cost for at least six months. It will also offer a voluntary 30-minute onboarding meeting with a technical expert.

2. Zoho remotely:exlinkfinal

Remotely is one of the cloud-based partnership as well as output platforms from Zoho. This is mainly a new suite of apps which is intended to assist remote workers to stay productive even while working from home. Indian SaaS Company Zoho is now offering its Zoho remotely product to companies present around the world free of cost.


The suite mainly contains 11 apps such as training sessions, word processing, online meetings, project management as well as storage. In order to assist businesses, Zoho is offering a new suite of apps to individuals & organization for free up to July 1st.

3. DailyObjects – flat50 off for prepaid orders:exlinkfinal

It is an online store which is offering a wide range of smartphones and tablet accessories.In order to deal with the outbreak, DailyOjects is offering flat 50 off for prepaid orders. From this online store, you can purchase items at the comfort of your home and also get a discount.

4. Moz Academy: exlinkfinal

This academy is providing a number of courses that will assist you in enhancing your SEO skills perfectly. It is providing quality courses on different topics such as backlinks basic, local SEO, keyword research and technical SEO. Moz Academy is offering free courses to different small businesses and agency till May 31st.

5. Blogging for Business (Ahrefs Academy):exlinkfinal

Ahrefs is considered as the most widely utilized SEO tool which allows doing technical analysis, keyword research, site audit and many more. During this coronavirus pandemic, this academy is offering its famous blogging for business free of cost.Businesses can take help of Ahrefs Academy in order to nurture their business sales as well as create their sales.


6. Adobe Enables Distance Learning:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the educational institutions have been shut down. Keeping this in mind, Adobe is providing complete access to all students, staff & lecturers access to complete Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for free till May 2020 if they have any Adobe SDL. Students and teachers can benefit from this because a virtual class will be conducted as Adobe is providing a free 90-day online trial.

7. 1-Month Trial to Shutterstock:exlinkfinal

Shutterstock is the prime and famous image bank present on the internet. The entire global community is affected by the coronavirus outbreak. During this time, Shutterstock is allowing you to download 10 stock images in one month that too without charging any cost.

8. Amazon Gift Cards:

In this coronavirus outbreak time,Amazon is offering gift cards that can be utilized for buying different items at a reasonable price.


9. Hootsuite:exlinkfinal

It is mainly social media management software which is helpful in handling a number of social media accounts with just a single dashboard. During this pandemic situation, it is rendering free access to its software until July 1st, 2020. This software is also providing you with the opportunity to use its library of social media courses & important tools.

10. Microsoft Teams:

This is primarily a collaboration tool present in Office 365 which assists in keeping your team’s apps, chats, files along with meetings in one place safely. In this corona outbreak, it is offering free access for six months to the paid versions. You can also sign it automatically if you are licensed for Office 365.

11. RummyCulture Bonus:exlinkfinal

Rummy Culture has gained huge popularity in this time due to its best user-interface. If you are also getting bored in this lockdown you can play at Rummy which will give you perfect gaming experience.

In this time, RummyCulture has completely altered the gaming ecosystem because it is assisting the players to withdraw their earrings immediately. It is also giving the opportunity to convert your prize into cash instantly. Therefore, it is also providing a welcome bonus offer for the users where you also have the golden chance to avail free cash. RummyCultureprovides to you the most attractive and highest Welcome Bonus in the market


12. The Souled Store:exlinkfinal

It is an amazing online store which is providing delivery of different items during this corona outbreak. You can easily order your items from this store that too at the comfort of your home. Here you can find a wide range of apparels, footwear and accessories and many other things at a reasonable cost and it is also offering clearance sale.

The store is accepting all kinds of orders and even giving a 30% discount on all the orders which is placed through a mobile app. So hurry up and book your orders today. it is giving flat50 off for prepaid orders. Interested to Click here and get huge discounts.

13. BYJU’S Free Live Classes:exlinkfinal

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government has ordered to shut down the schools due to which children are stuck at home and not able to attend the classes. Keeping this in mind BYJU is offering live classes so that your children studies are not affected. It is giving a golden opportunity for students to learn from BYJU’s teachers. Students can also reserve their preferred topic present in their textbook and slot from BYJU’s learning app.

14. Shopify:exlinkfinal

It is an outstanding eCommerce platform which is utilized by a number of entrepreneurs to sell their products online easily. In this coronavirus lockdown, Shopify is providing prolonged free trials of its software & other support for 90 days.


15. Spartanpoker Bonus:exlinkfinal

During the coronavirus lockdown, Spartan Poker has turned out to be the topmost online poker stage. It is offering three lakhs per month to aid the needy ones and control the spread of this dangerous virus.
It has also taken the initiative to raise money as well as awareness in order to fight effectively against coronavirus pandemic. The team of Spartan Poker has also decided to bequeath the entire reprobate which is collected from Windfall tournaments. Therefore, the above stated are a few points that are helping you to deal with coronavirus lockdown effectively.

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