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Things to do at Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Countries around the world are pacing up the efforts in order to tackle highly dangerous disease coronavirus that has killed a number of people. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many countries have been shut down completely. For the first time, the coronavirus outbreak was detected in the central city of Wuhan in China. In this blog, you will come across a few things that can be done while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Groceries and food deliverise during coronavirus pandemic

There are a number of people who are avoiding dine-in restaurants in order to fight against the spread of coronavirus. There are online services that can deliver food during coronavirus like:


a) Zomato:

In this coronavirus pandemic, Zomato has taken special measures to ensure complete hygienic conditions while delivering the food. You can easily order different foods from your favourite restaurants at your home by Zomato. It is also offering a huge discount coupon which means your tasty & favourite food at less price. It also provides the option of selecting to ask the delivery person to leave the food at the doorstep.

b) Swiggy:

Now order your favourite delicious food at the comfort of your home with Swiggy. It has taken several safety measures in order to effectively deal with the novel coronavirus. Now the delivery partner will leave the packages of food at your doorstep so that no virus is spread.

c) Domino’s:

You can still order your favourite and delicious pizza at home with the help of the Dominos app. Although domino’s already following strict hygiene standards but keeping in mind the coronavirus pandemic it has launched contact-free delivery service.

d) TastyKhana:

If you want to eat your favourite food during the coronavirus pandemic then you can take the help of tastykhana app which is delivering quality food with all hygiene and safety precautions.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the grocery stores are closed in most of the cities but don’t worry there some grocery shopping sites that can help you out.

  • Grofer
  • BigBasket
  • Super daily
  • Local Banya
  • Nature Basket
  • Reliance Fresh Direct


The above-stated are some of the online grocery stores that are offering fresh and quality grocery items at a very reasonable cost. Grocery shopping sites like BigBasket is offering amazing discount coupons these days, helping you to save a lot of money. With AmazonFresh, you can now easily get all your groceries delivered at your doorstep that are completely fresh and hygienic.

Be household essentials, snacks, meat or seafood, you can get everything here. All you need to do is select the items, add in your cart and make the payment. They are strictly maintaining the hygiene and safety in order to combat with the novel coronavirus.

With the help of you can avail some outstanding discounts on various grocery shopping sites.

2. Best 5 web series to watch during corona coronavirus virus

With the outbreak of coronavirus, it has been told every now and then to avoid social gatherings due to which most of the people are going to spend a few weeks at home. Keeping the safety in mind, all the multiplex and cinemas are closed. This is the best time when you can spend some quality time and watch some of your favourite shows and series with your family.

But don’t worry, you have many other choices and one of them is to watch web series during a coronavirus outbreak. Gradually the coronavirus is infecting the globe due to which it is suggested by all the doctors to stay at home in order to stay safe & healthy.

There are a number of best TV shows to binge while cooped up at the home. It is true that some of you must be inclined into the virus situation and watching movies like Contagion or CW’s short-lived series Containment but there are a number of people out there who want to divert themselves from this coronavirus world right now.

If you are also one of them then below stated are few web series and shows that you can enjoy during this time at your home.


a) Pushpavalli – Amazon Prime Video

This is one of the Indian web television comedy drama series which is available on Amazon Prime Video. It was premiered on 15th December and is created by Sumukhi Suresh.

This web series shows the amazing and distinctive story of a girl named Pushpavalli reverse pestering a guy. She met a handsome man named Nikhil at the time of an event which was held in Bhopal. They both spend time together but there was nothing between them. Later she moves from Bhopal to Bengaluru because she starts having a crush in a boy and thinks that even the boy has a crush on her.

b) InMates – Netflix

This is one of the interesting series which narrates the story of an American ex-marine who enters a supreme security prison on the border which is situated between Mexico and the United States in order to inspect the kidnapping of the daughter of a prominent US judge. There are a number of episodes of this series and the best thing is that all are very interesting and good.

c) DheetPatangey – Hotstar

You can now watch DheetPatangey on Hotstar which is about the backdrop of 1983 and 2011 Cricket World Cup. The story of this web feature film is about the four friends who are on a bold journey of love, self-discovery as well as friendship. It is one of the great web feature films that you can enjoy watching with your friends or family members.

d) Hostel Daze- TVF

This is one of the most interesting series which is available on TVF. Hostel Daze is the series that tell about the life of students who are living in a hostel or you can survive in the hostel with the quest of four mates- Jhaatu, Ankit, Jaat and Chirag. This show is mainly created by AbhishekYadav and Saurabh Khanna. It is one of the best series that you can watch during your holidays.

e) Mentalhood – ALT

If you are looking for any Indian Hindi drama web series then Mentalhood is the best option for you. You will surely enjoy this web series which is available on the online streaming platform ALT Balaji. The web series is created by Ekta Kapoor and marks the web series debut of well-known actress Karishma Kapoor. The show completely puts the limelight on motherhood so whenever you watch this series then do watch with your mother.

3. Best Books to Read during Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has completely disturbed the entire world and making most of the people to stay at home in order to stay safe and virus-free. In order to utilize your time in the best possible way these days, it is always better to Read books During Coronavirus threat, helping you to remain tension & stress-free. Below-stated are some books that you can prefer for reading while staying at home.

a) A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe (1722):

It is an interesting novel written by Daniel Defoe. In this novel, you will come across a man’s experience of the year 1665 in which a great plague hit the city of London. By reading this book, you will come to know how situations like coronavirus outbreak can be tackled.

b) The Plague by Albert Camus (1947):

In the year 1947, Albert Camus published this novel. In this story, you will read about a fictional story about the real town of Oran in Northern Algeria. The central theme of this novel is suffering which is known to crush human being not only physically but also psychologically. Camus always believed that human beings as souls live under an unfathomable, unreasonable and strange death sentence.


c) The Stand by Stephen King (1978):

It is one of the most famous books that you should definitely read. You will be learning a number of different things by reading this book. But the story of this novel spins around one main thing: the death of a huge majority of the world’s population. Plague is the first part of the story, although it is a long novel but do read it once.

d) The Child Garden by Geoff Ryman (1989):

It is considered as the science fiction novel which is written by a popular writer Geoff Ryman. In this novel, you will come across stories in which the freedoms with science go too far away and completely extinguish the suspension of scepticism.

e) The Book of M by Peng Shepherd (2018):

It is one of the amazing novels written by Peng Shepherd in the year 2018. The novel tells a very interesting story of common people who are caught in unusual devastation who are ready to risk their everything just to save their loved ones. It is a must-read book and tells about the supremacy that reminiscences have not only the heart but also on the world itself.

4. Games to play in at home during coronavirus

There are a number of games to play at the time when you are self-isolating in order to avoid coronavirus. Many people are stuck inside their home just because of the novel coronavirus pandemic which is there just outside of the home.

The best way to enjoy these days at home with your family and kids it to play games during coronavirus outbreak. If you are confused about what indoor games you should play then you have come to the right place. Below-stated are some games that you can play inside your home and also enjoy at the same time.

a) Pandemic 2:

This is one of the old computer games but is now getting a new life due to its similarity with the coronavirus outbreak. The main goal of this game is to make a disease which can wipe out the entire world’s population before the development as well as the implementation of any vaccine. Therefore, in the year 2020, this game has seen a wonderful jump.

b) Rummy game:

These days, the rummy game is very popular because it is very easy to play and offers a lot of fun. It is mainly a matching-card game based upon the identical cards of the same position as well as a similar unit. This type of game will not only divert your attention but will also avoid tediousness.

c) Poker gaming app:

This is a perfect app for playing real money poker games. This app is available in selected countries for android phone. Once you download this app for free you can find a number of games like cash games, sit-and-go tournaments and many more.


d) Little Wheel:

It is one of the free online puzzle and skill games that are brought by Armor games. Little wheel is considered as the perfect adventure game and the main mission in this game is to find & activate the generator. You will surely find this game to be very interesting.

e) Bejeweled:

It is a tile-matching puzzle video game which is sure to keep you entertained. In this game, you need to link different chains of sparkling jewels and move quickly or you will end up in losing the game completely.

Offer Deals and Online Shopping Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Since the experts and doctors are telling every now and then to avoid crowded places because of the spread of coronavirus. Almost all the shopping stores have been closed to ensure the safety of people. is offering amazing discounts, deals and offers on online shopping which cuts the price to a great extent. Due to this reason, now most of the stores are open online and ensuring complete sanitary precautions.

The shopping stores are offering great discounts and coupons which mean you can now buy your favourite dress at a cheap price which was earlier costly. All the renowned stores are now working online and offering huge rebates on all the items and also providing timely home-delivery. So, you can now shop your clothes from your favourite brands through their online store.

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